Spindles 100: Hers  

Artist: Valerie Daval 

On exhibit from August 26 - October 2, 2020

"Spindles 100: Hers" is an installation involving 100 suspended textile sculptures. The treepod sculptures symbolize life and time as well as exclusively feminine work made by hand. The handprints (contributed by 50 unique women) are both universal and individual and demonstrate memories of touch and our collective unconscious. The installation is essentially about nature, women, community of women, empathy, life, blood, work, courage, pain and compassion.

Bioluminescence Wonderment  

Artist: Jen Swain

Live painter and designer Jen Swain created this magical installation, Bio-luminescence Wonderment, in Adams Square Mini Park Gas Station to bring the elements of under the sea, jellyfish to the City of Glendale. Her creative practice involves use of a variety of found art and lights to bring the luminescent colors and the journey of the jelly's into the local environment. The sea brings us such unique lifeforms and with them harmony and peace and a story which each person can imagine and resonate. Crochet by Chelse, HandspunDreams. | @artbyswain

Road Trip

Artist: Womens Athletic Club of Glendale, Quilters Department

“Road Trip” is an installation of 15 art quilts which depict vacation destinations in California and beyond. Viewers will identify the journeys and destinations created by ten individuals through the art of quilting using both traditional and modern quilting techniques.

We Can 

Artist: Diane Williams

In conjunction with March as California’s Arts Education Month, "We Can" is a collaborative project with artist, Diane Williams, and the Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts (LFCSA) students. The work in "We Can" was the result of a 3-month social practice project with 5-12 year old students at LFCSA that emphasized the importance of shared art making and active contribution.

Puppets & Portraits 

Artist: Lucas Novak

Inspired by human connections and the natural world, Lucas Novak creates art that touches on universal qualities of humankind. Every painting Novak creates is a metaphor for life. Through texture, brushwork, and all the subtleties of color and shade, the application of paint in its infinite ways represents life’s experiences. Novak’s artwork focused on stop-motion, Claymation videos, puppets and paintings.

Hollywood Hustle

Artist: Francisco Cohen


Hollywood Hustle is the portrait of community. It is a portrait of the grind and what it’s like to hustle for work in the entertainment business. Subjects are all actors, comedians or musicians; the only requirement being that they have to have auditioned in the last 30 days. Each was asked to answer the following question: 'When things are going bad- there are no call backs, no auditions- what do you tell yourself to be able to get up and go again? What words do you tell yourself to keep going?’ Their answers became an integral part of the work.Cohen’s installation consists of 25 oil-on-canvas portraits, each 16” x 20” painted within a 30 day span. Each is framed in black, weighing 3 pounds each, suspended one above the other, and aligned in the Gas Station windows, similar to an Instagram grid. Together they make a singular cohesive statement about what it is like in 2019 to be hustling for work in Hollywood.



Artist: Luke Elton Smith 

Migrant consists of approximately 3700 scale human figures, suspended in a cloud-like grid. This piece was originally conceived in early 2016, as a response to the European Migrant Crisis, and is a visual representation of those who died while attempting to cross the Mediterranean during 2015. The media's portrayal of these people is typically a series of quantities or numbers, to understand the amount of lives lost. This installation seeks to create a volumetric representation of how many lives are approximated to have been lost in the pursuit of a better life.

The installation becomes more relevant in 2017 as more and more countries around the world engage in their own Migrant related issues. Be sure to visit Migrant in the evening when the piece is lit, and see the scale figures glow.

Luke Elton Smith is an installation artist and architect residing in Los Angeles. His work focuses on the creation of spacial effects to create multiple readings on a variety of scales. He studied Architecture at Princeton University and is a registered Architect in the state of California.

Venus of Adams Square

Artist: Jana Charl

A reception to celebrate artist Jana Charl’s “Venus of Adams Square” will be held in the Adams Square Mini Park on Saturday June 24 from 5 pm to 7 pm. The event is free and open to the public. Residents of the surrounding neighborhood are encouraged to walk to the park and bring their children for family friendly activities. Light refreshments will be available. This reception is sponsored by the Adams Hill Neighborhood Association.

Mixed media artist  Jan a Charl's site-specific installation in the historic Richfield Oil Company gas station is the seventh exhibit in the Adams Square Mini-Park supported by the City of Glendale. Charl’s creative practice involves use of a variety of media and techniques to challenge the boundaries between craft, commercial art, and fine art. The history of the found objects she uses in her work add layers of meaning and humor to her work.

Dream Portal: Once Upon A Time

Artist: Colleen Kelly

Artist's Statement:

I make found-object assemblages, including my "Human Impact," that deals with environmental issues and cast bronze sculptures, and "Portals" that deals with dimensional change or life transitions.

Dream Portal merges my two series for a room-sized found-object installation. Diverting an object from a landfill, then using it as an ingredient for art infuses it with transcendent art-power. Once an object has been incorporated into a work of art, it is changed, and has the power to change the viewer.

I intend to involve the community by inviting them to write their dreams and wishes onto tiny pieces of paper and tucking them into the little bottles that will hang from thin wires from the ceiling. The bottles will hang amongst a number of antique crystals also hanging from thin wires enveloping the suspended crib and ladder. A fan will cause aslight swaying motion of the suspended elements, the message bottles, crystal "stars", and create a subtle ripple on the draped, handmade linens. Mood lighting will tint the atmosphere and enhance the nighttime experience.

The objects chosen to inhabit this space invite questioning, remembrances and curiosity. We can talk about metaphors, symbols and the story it may hold for each person, as well as having a conversation about the why's and wherefore's and other mysteries of contemporary art.

Haunted Gas Station

Artist: Bob Kathman

The Gas Station will be haunted for the Halloween season with skeleton characters, trucks and related vintage gas station ephemera. Using the window panes as natural frames, some of the frames will be vignettes; stand-alone subjects like a pumpkin-filled pick-up truck, and Dia de los Muertos icons.

Bob Kathman is a professional graphic designer, animation and comic book artist, and teacher. He earned his BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Lux – Helio Forma

Artists: Katherine Kokoska & Stephanie Newcomb

Enjoy food trucks and meet LUX, an integrated design and fabrication practice composed of Katherine Kokoska and Stephanie Newcomb. Both earned degrees in architecture from Carnegie Mellon University.  Read More>

Becoming A Mountain Cloud

Artist: Jane O'Neill​

Jane O’Neill earned her Masters of Fine Arts from Yale University. She has exhibited extensively on the east coast and in California. She has taught, lectured and had residencies at various academic institutions. Read a Glendale News-Press article about this exhibition.

The Foundlings Guild

Artist: Marsha Perloff

Marsha Perloff has had a long and successful career in costuming for television and motion pictures. She traces her interest in found object assemblage to an art class at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in the early 1960s.

Beluga's Journey 

Artist: Yaya Chou

Beluga’s Journey, artist YaYa Chou’s installation at the Adams Square Mini Park Gas Station, begins Monday, February 1, 2016. The Adams Hill Neighborhood Association sponsored a Reception for the installation on February 6.

The Adams Square MiniPark Gas Station provides a whimsical environment which alludes to an “dry tank” aquarium for the whale. Beluga's Journey: Glendale Adams Square is a continuation of a traveling temporary public art project designed to raise the awareness of dislocated wild animals. The project consists of an artist designed inflatable in the shape of a beluga whale installed in natural and urban environments and interacting with the local landscape and public. The installation of the suspended beluga whale and blue/white LEO net lights underneath it creates a surprising and playful atmosphere for visitors to the Adams Square MiniPark.

Beluga's Journey was initiated in 2008 after deaths of multiple Beluga whales started to occur in aquariums and zoos around the world. Utilizing the imagery of a lone Beluga whale, a social animal, in a public setting and surreal way, the artist invites the public to appreciate life sciences and wildlife, question the boundary between conservation and entertainment, as well as encourage them to approach the familiar site with fresh perspectives.

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