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Arts & Culture Happenings in Glendale

A New Year means new installations and artist opportunities in Glendale for residents and visitors of all ages to enjoy. Be sure to see these exhibits before they close, and if you’re feeling adventurous, see them all in one day! These are all within driving distance of each other and we guarantee you won’t be stuck in LA traffic.

New Installation at the Adams Square Mini Park Gas Station

ReCollect by Cat Chiu Phillips

On view January 23 – March 31, 2023

The project ReCollect creates a unique experience combining post-consumer product innovation and sustainability while paying homage to traditional craft methods and the handmade. Made of 35mm slides, this project creates awe and wonder on the transformative aspects of electronic waste while offering a dialogue on sustainability, recycling, and conservation. Learn more about ReCollect and Phillips’ body of work by visiting


NEXUS IV: RAIZ at Brand Library & Art Center

On view January 21 – March 17, 2023

Thinkspace Projects, Tialoc Studios and the California Cowboys Collective present NEXUS IV: RAIZ, an exhibition of New Contemporary Art by Los Angeles based artists. With over 60 artists, NEXUS IV: RAIZ presents a diverse and varied exhibit focusing on LA-based artists. The exhibit will remain on view during Brand Library & Art Center operating hours. Learn more about NEXUS IV: RAIZ by visiting Brand Library’s website.


I Can’t I Won’t I Will I Do at ReflectSpace Gallery

On view January 28 – March 19, 2023

I Can’t I Won’t I Will I Do is a solo exhibition featuring Los Angeles-based artist Debra Disman. Disman’s work is inspired by books, which traverses tapestry, installation, and sculpture to push familiar forms and materials into art that bewilders. The exhibition includes new works created in response to Disman’s investigation of artists Charlotte Salomon and Eva Hesse and how they employed the creative process to transform traumatic pasts into the creation of new art forms. I Can’t I Won’t I Will I Do will be open to the public at ReflectSpace Gallery during Glendale Central Library’s operating hours. Learn more about Disman’s exhibition by visiting ReflectSpace Gallery’s website.


Visit SHELTER by She Loves Collective

On view December 3, 2022 - January 20, 2023

SHELTER is a temporary installation in remembrance of the 44-day Artsakh War of 2020. This multimedia installation is located at 250 N. Orange St., Glendale, CA 91203 and is open to the public Wednesday-Friday from 6pm-9pm and Saturday & Sunday from 12pm-9pm.

For the closing weekend of SHELTER, She Loves Collective presents "SEA TO SEA: Artists Reacting to the Blockade" on Saturday, January 28 from 6pm-9pm. A candlelight vigil will be held on Sunday, January 29 accompanied by musical performances, a documentary/photo screening, and poetry and spoken word sharing.

Learn more about SHELTER by visiting and follow @SheLovesCollective on social media platforms to stay informed.


Last Chance to Apply to the 2023 Music Performance Series

Music ensembles made up of trios or larger are invited to apply to the 222 East Concert Series and the Brand Summer Music Series. The deadline to apply is Friday January 27, 2023 at 5pm PST.

Performances for the 222 East Concert Series are scheduled for Saturdays in Fall 2023 from 5:00pm-6:00pm. Each performance must be 1 hour in duration, and performance groups will receive a stipend of up to $1,200 per performance.

Performances for the Brand Summer Music Series are scheduled for Fridays in Summer 2023 from 7:00pm-8:30pm. Each performance must be 1 hour and 30 minutes in duration, and performance groups will receive a stipend of up to $1,700 per performance.

Guidelines and a link to the application can be found by visiting

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