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"Death Sentence" (February 22-26, 2021)

Updated: Feb 18

Artist: Victor Yates

“Death Sentence” is a literary-protest performance that is a direct response to police brutality against Black bodies. The creator of the project, Victor Yates, will interweave the last words of Black people murdered by the police into an original spoken word poem that contains five parts. The project examines collective Black pain from police violence, the importance of passing down history, and queer identity within the Black Lives Matter movement. The goal is to help viewers work through and heal from the trauma.

The five pre-recorded video installments will be released via the Library, Arts & Culture’s social media channels throughout February 2021, and will be archived on the Arts and Culture Commission’s website at

This temporary art installation is sponsored by the Glendale Arts and Culture Commission through funding from the Urban Art Program.

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