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Reflections Exhibit at Adams Square Mini Park Gas Station

The Glendale Library, Arts and Culture Commission in partnership with the Glendale Unified School District is pleased to present Reflections, a compilation of students' artworks that amplify their voices through various mediums such as Music Composition, Video Production, Photography, and Dance Performance. Topics of the artworks include stories about friendship, photographs depicting self-love, and visual artworks explaining the nuances of diversity in the United States.

This long-lasting program has provided opportunities for recognition and access to the arts which boosts students' confidence and success in the arts and in life. With over 50 years since its inception, the Reflections program has helped students explore their own thoughts, feelings, and ideas, and develop artistic literacy. The 2022-2023 theme selected by the students is "Show Your Voice", which encourages and inspires students to think about how they want to use their voices, how they see others use their voices, and what they want to express and share with others. Join us for a celebration at the Central Library Auditorium on April 1st from 4 pm - 6 pm prior to the exhibition opening at the Adams Square Mini Park Gas Station (ASMPGS) starting April 3.

Click here to check out our webpage about the exhibition. For more information about the Reflections program, click here to view an introduction video.

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