The City of Glendale Arts and Culture Commission has a robust and growing program that incorporates art and artists from a wide range of disciplines.  Artists from the visual arts to music can submit applications for consideration in any of the active and future programs.  Please visit the links associated with each program below for more information.


Adams Square Mini Park Gas Station


The Adams Square Mini Park project was completed by the City of Glendale in an effort to create a green space in the center of the business district for the densely populated Adams Hill neighborhood and to incorporate the historic 1936 Streamline Moderne Gas Station. The gas station is listed on the Glendale Register of Historic Resources.

The Gas Station is located at the Adams Square Mini Park, 1020 East Palmer Avenue, Glendale CA 91205. The Gas Station is 12’x12’x12' cube, with acrylic windows. There are two doors, two electrical outlets and a timer. Items can be hung from the ceiling.

See photos of the Gas Station or past installations.

Art installations at the Adams Square Mini Park Gas Station are sponsored by the Glendale Arts and Culture Commission and the Community Services & Parks Department.


AHA: Art Happens Anywhere


From November 2017 - November 2018, the City of Glendale, CA, hosted twenty signs from multi-media artist Scott Froshchauer's The Word on The Street, in parks and libraries around the City.

By utilizing the materials and visual language of street signs, but replacing the traditional negative language (Stop, Do Not Enter…) with positive affirmations, “The Word on the Street” sought to provide something that is missing from our daily visual diet. By the very nature of the materials, it was also perfectly suited to long term, outdoor installations.

The goals of this work were to surprise and delight viewers by giving them a positive and reassuring message in a place where they are used to seeing negativity and control. The work was designed to be possibly invisible to viewers, even furthering the delight of those who recognize it as counter-quotidian. The work also placed a thought in the mind of the viewer that additional pieces might be “hidden” anywhere in their daily lives. In this way the work aimed to change how the viewer interacted with the world at large, and reinforced the notion the Art Happens Anywhere.

Read more about Scott Froshchauer's work HERE

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Beyond the Box - Utility Box Murals


Beyond The Box is a utility box mural project supported by the City of Glendale and the Glendale Arts & Culture Commission, with funding from the Urban Art Program. There are currently over 100 painted utility box murals in Glendale.  Calls for artists for Glendale utility box murals go out twice a year.

Read more about the Beyond the Box project HERE

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Download the  Beyond the Box Brochure HERE

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We have two concert series: 222 East Concert Series and the Brand Library Plaza Series.


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