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Initiated in 2006, the Urban Art Program seeks to promote a diverse and stimulating cultural environment to enrich the quality of life for residents and visitors. The Program encourages the creative interaction of artists, developers, designers, city officials and community members during the design of development projects, in order to develop public art that is meaningful to the site and to the community. The Program anticipates a diverse range of art experiences throughout the city’s commercial districts, enlivening the public space available during the everyday routines of walking to work, eating at a sidewalk café, or shopping. The Urban Art Program was initiated in 2006 with the adoption of the Downtown Specific Plan (DSP). On December 14, 2010, Glendale City Council adopted ordinances to expand the program city-wide. 

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Urban Art Program Plan 

On August 14, 2018, The Glendale City Council unanimously approved the Urban Art Program Plan at its meeting. The Plan will be used to inform future Work Plans and activities. The Urban Art Program Plan will:

  • Provide a plan for the careful and responsible management of the Urban Art Fund.

  • Provide project options as the Arts and Culture Commission develops Work Plans over the next ten years.

  • Provide a long-term vision for the development of an arts program that will establish Glendale as an arts destination.

  • Integrate into the City’s planning and design processes to provide maximum benefit to the City.

Read the Urban Art Program Plan HERE

Read the 2019-2020 Urban Art Program Plan HERE

See a map of the Urban Art Program Plan HERE

2013/2015 Cultural Arts Plan

The two-year work plan outlines the guiding projects, priorities and policies, General Fund budget, and Urban Art Fund appropriations for the Arts & Culture Commission.  The work plan was approved by City Council in September 2013 and the Commission is actively implementing a variety of projects and programs.  Read the 2013/2015 Cultural Arts Plan HERE