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Glendale Galleria

100 W. Broadway Glendale, CA 91210

August 1- October 28, 2022

Participating Artists:

Laurie Shapiro  - The Glendale Alteria

Matthew Pagoaga - Lumia Learning

August 1 - 28

Claire June Apana - Impressions

September 27 - October 28

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The Glendale Alteria

The Glendale Alteria is an alternative universe created by local artist, Laurie Shapiro, inside of the Glendale Galleria. Inspired by the natural world, Shapiro creates all-encompassing psychedelic environments by painting, screen printing, and collage. In The Glendale Alteria, Shapiro’s painted canvases line the exterior while handmade lights illuminate colorful glows through Shapiro’s silk screened drawings. This exhibit is on the 3rd Floor located in a unit directly next to Bloomingdales. 

Lumia Learning

Lumia Learning is an interactive installation that changes based on viewers’ attention. Using a Kinectic sensor and over 4,000 LEDs, Lumia Learning cycles through colored patterns and observes the cycles that are garnering in the most prolonged attention. The piece then incrementally changes itself to favor these attention retaining qualities. Inspired by the work of Thomas Wilfred, Lumia Learning is a work that translates viewer to participant in the creation of light and space art. This exhibit was on the 2nd Floor located in a unit directly next to JC Penney's across from the Children's Play Area.


"IMPRESSIONS" is an installation artwork that consists of three massive origami tessellation forms. These shapes are suspended from curved metal beams with each element supported by wire; allowing the pieces to float around themselves. These sculptures are an expression of time as our memories transform into a state of flux within our minds and our bodies. This process of transformation is immense; beginning with a small seed, growing into a tree, milled into paper, and then folded into undulating forms. As the origami sculptures drift, they are bathed in vivid light. The translucent qualities of the paper allow for a dramatic color effect.

The traditional technique combines with contemporary art practice to express the ways in which small gestures contain the potential to create immense change. Art, community, and creation don’t require immense means, one must simply begin and commit to a development in order to implement metamorphoses.This exhibit is on the 2nd Floor located in a unit directly next to JC Penney's across from the Children's Play Area.

Art on Orange: Resiliency

250 N. Orange St

December 10, 2021 - March 26, 2022 

We are all in the same boat

I work in trash art, making sculptures from discarded objects. I use materials as diverse as lunch boxes, potato chip bags, mop handles and metal barbecues. The beauty of trash art is that it asks us to see commonplace objects in a new way. It gives us the opportunity to reconsider the meaning and worth of the most mundane aspects of our lives. In some ways the advent of Covid19 has put other concerns on the back burner, but it has also given us an opportunity and a new perspective to consider what really matters and to consider anew how we will achieve a better future for everyone. This is an opportunity to not go back to ”business as usual”.The turmoil of the past two years has forced us all to be resilient, and one of our current challenges is to lift all boats to create a stronger community. In creating “We’re all in the same boat” I had in mind that we all own a share of the future and it will not be the same as the past. It’s up to each of us to decide how we will bounce back from this adversity.

Beaming in the Shadows

Beaming in the Shadows is the artist’s interpretation of the parol, a festive lantern from her place of birth, the Philippines. The highly chromatic colors gleam in the sunlight as the fluorescent colors beam in the dark. A symbol of hope amidst tragedy.


Difficult experiences happen to everyone, including animals. We have the ability to process and adapt in the face of adversity. We all depend on stability to survive and thrive. The problems we create for the oceans start with us on land. My artwork represents the toughness that sea life has over coastal pollution. The benefits we receive are vast and our part is crucial not just for sea life, but for the world. That's the role of resilient-sea.

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