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Guidelines & Eligibility


The Library and the ACC have designed a program to support public art and to further beautify the City of Glendale through art installations in vacant storefronts. The vision of Glendale's Storefront Art Program is to create professional quality art installations celebrating the surrounding community, thereby increasing the interest of a passersby, enriching Glendale's cultural environment, and creating a strong community identity. The program goal is to expand storefront art installations throughout the City in partnership with property owners, realtors, and developers. 


This project is open to all local and regional artists. The ACC encourages applications from both new and established artists. Glendale applicants may be given preference if all else is equal. Artists may apply as an individual artist or as a group. For group submissions, a signed Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement for each participating artist must be included in addition to the application form and design template. Group submissions may be for a partial storefront unit or a whole storefront unit. No more than 1 submission per individual or group is permitted. Site visits will be scheduled with selected artists and City Staff to determine the appropriateness of the proposed installation within the vacant unit. Please reference the photos linked here with included window dimensions as an example of a storefront art proposal. City of Glendale employees are not eligible to apply.


Interested artists, groups, or art organizations must submit an application using the online form at the bottom of this web page.


The Storefront Art Program is designed to celebrate the City of Glendale and create a strong community identity. Artwork installed must be suitable for viewing by all ages.


The following guidelines should be followed:

  • Sample artwork that is included on the application must resemble the artwork that will be installed in the vacant storefront.

  • Dimensions of the windows and interior spaces may vary slightly.  Therefore, artists should be prepared to adjust artwork to the size of the space.

  • Objects hung from the ceiling must weigh no more than 5 lbs.

  • Objects may not be screwed into the wall.

  • Objects used that may potentially damage or stain the floor must be laid on top of a tarp.


Visual and installation art of any media and size will be considered for display, including, but not limited to: paintings, photography, sculptures, graphic arts, animation, mixed media, mosaics, stained glass and other forms of artistic expression for civic, cultural, educational, recreational and intellectual purposes. Artwork that is 3-dimensional, contains audio visual elements, and/or can be viewed after sunset is preferred. 

Please be ADVISED:

  • Do not hang objects from the ceiling that weigh more than 5 lbs. and may damage the ceiling.

  • Do not screw objects into the wall.

  • Do not lay objects that may potentially damage or stain the floor. 

INELIGIBLE ARTWORK (click for more information)


Submissions are ongoing.


Applications will be reviewed on an on-going basis. Submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee consisting of an Arts & Culture Commissioner and City of Glendale representatives. Once the artwork is reviewed, the committee will schedule an interview with potential finalists to further discuss the proposed artwork and guidelines for the Storefront Art Program. Selected artists will be sent a notification by email and/or formal letter and the artist(s) will be assigned a vacant storefront.

SELECTION CRITERIA (click for more information)


Selected finalists will be notified by email and/or letter.  If the proposal is approved for exhibition, the Proposer must sign a City of Glendale Library, Arts & Culture (LAC) - Temporary Art Display Agreement (contract) that states the terms and conditions of the Glendale Storefront Art Program.  


The artist will be responsible for installing and deinstalling his/her/their artwork(s) with LAC staff guidance during regular business hours at all facilities. Artists are encouraged to bring individuals as needed to assist with installation and deinstallation.

The artist must provide following items during the installation and deinstallation process:

  • Ladder.

  • Lighting and any accompanying equipment, if necessary.

  • Drop cloth or plastic sheeting, newspaper for protecting surrounded area, if necessary.


The artwork may be exhibited on the City web site, social media, Glendale government television GTV, and more regionally with press releases and postings on By submitting a proposal, the Proposer irrevocably grants City, its officers, agents, and employees (“City and its representatives”) the unconditional right and permission to photograph, record (audio, or video, or both), broadcast, distribute, reproduce, copy, sell, exhibit, publish, and use the photographs and recordings of the artwork or performance, in whole or in part, in any medium now or later developed, for any purpose, without charge to the City and without payment to the Proposer of any compensation, fee, royalty, or damages (now or later).


When the City uses the artist’s images or the artwork for promoting arts programming, the City will endeavor to identify the artist and give credit to the artist, whenever possible, but the City will not be liable to the artist for an error in or omission of the artist’s identification or the artist’s credit for the artwork.


Selected artists are required to comply with the City’s insurance and liability requirements. Also, selected artists must sign a Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.


Please review the City’s Temporary Art Policy, which is incorporated into and made a part of this Call for Artists.

Questions about the Call for Artists can be submitted by email to:

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