Glendale's Storefront Art Program is a year-round program in partnership with property owners, realtors, retailers, brokers, and developers in Glendale.

The goal of Glendale's Storefront Art Program is to create professional-quality art installations celebrating the surrounding community, thereby increasing the interest of passersby, enriching Glendale's cultural environment, and creating a strong  community identity.

Under this Call for Artists (“CFA”), the Library, Arts & Culture Department (“Library”) of the City of Glendale (“City”)— on behalf of the City’s Arts & Culture Commission (“ACC”) — is accepting proposals from qualified candidates who would like to participate in the Storefront Art Program.  Submissions are ongoing.

The ACC will provide an artist stipend of $1,000 in addition to a production stipend of up to $1,500 for a total maximum stipend of $2,500 per participating artist. The installations may be exhibited for a minimum of 6 weeks.

The Glendale Storefront Art Program is sponsored by the Glendale Arts and Culture Commission, through funding from the Urban Art Program with support from Glendale Library, Arts & Culture.

Are you a property owner or realtor who's interested in participating? Read the flyer to learn why you should participate and the benefits you'll receive.

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